SoloShot 2 Test


have ridden motorcycles and done photography for many years. I have always had one problem, capturing photos and video of myself. Finally I have found the answer with the Soloshot2. The Soloshot2 pans and tilts to track your movement in whatever activity you are doing.
To learn and put the Soloshot2 to the test we met up with KrazyKyle at our local stuntspot. KrazyKyle is a very aggressive stunter who zips back and forth jumping all around his bike. This would be a great test and if successful would prove the worthiness of this tool.
Setup is quick and easy, Everything is supplied in the kit and is plug and play. Synching the base and Tag is another story. Read the instructions, read the instructions, read the instructions. There is a few critical steps you must do when synching the system and setting up the filming zone. After you learn this its all magic.
Our first try we calibrated it wrong and you can see it in the footage. A couple tweaks and the system works like a champ. We got some great footage for our first time using this system. The Soloshot2 will be a newly added part of my regular tools while filming videos from now on. Keep your eyes peeled for more footage.

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