ELSik5150 Dodge Charger


Owner: Antonio Gutierrez

Instagram: ElSik5150

Hometown: El Monte, California

Occupation: Law Enforcement


Car: 2013 Dodge Charger SRT

Engine: 392 6.4L equipped with a 2.9L Whipple Supercharger

Drivetrain: OEM Dodge Manufacturing

Engine Management: ECU Tuned by Accelerated Racing Solutions


Suspension/Chassis: Airlift 3P Air Ride Suspension

Brakes: CQuence Performance Engraved Rotors on Brembo breaks.

wheels / Tires /etc: CSM003 wheels from conceptonewheels in gloss black and partially wrapped in 3M Flip Deep Space Vinyl and wrapped in lionheart tires.

Exterior: Fully wrapped in 3M Shadowblack & Flip Deep Space Gloss Flip Wrap, BMC CarbonFiber Ram Air Hood.

Interior: Stock for now.

How long did this project take you? Two years so far and it’s never over.


Favorite Feature? The wrap.

Why did you pick this car? SRT platform has always been my dream car.

What are your future plans? Rebuilding the engine with a bigger supercharger, custom interior with roll cage, new wrap.

If you were to do something differently what would it be? Nothing.

Who would you like to thank: First And foremost, my sponsors for believing in my build and coming along for the ride. Definitely my girlfriend Elisa because she has been a great and positive attribute not only to me but this build. Her input into my build has helped me bring it to it’s potential, my family for putting up with me waking them up super early so I can get to a car show and lastly my car club family New Era Muscle for having my back at car events.